About Us

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1, Who We Are

-Experienced manufacturer, exporter ,injection molding company and service provider.
-With extensive network of qualified manufacturing branches.
-With diverse capabilities.

2, What We Do

-OEM and ODM services.
-Custom tooling and plastic parts manufacturing.
-Quality assurance from prototype to mass production.
-Lead time control.
-Customs documents.

3, Capabilities

-Plastic injection&blowing molding and secondary operations
-plastic mold making
-Machining, CNC machining
-Rapid prototype

4, Services

-Quality assurance
-Domestic logistics
-Customs documents

5, Company Culture & Advantages

-Remain customer-oriented and understand quality comes first.
-Understand the importance of service, convenience, quick response, responsibility and trust all customers expect.
-Commitment has been to help the customers and suppliers achieve success.
-Provide positive suggestion on cost savings.
-Not only making products, but also making friends.

6, Target Customers

Target customers: manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and even retailers.
-customers who desire extraordinary service and cost reduction;
-products and solutions with more than one process involved;
-customers who buy varied plastic products with large or small volume;
-customers with no consistent order quantities;
-customers who don’t like China suppliers without good services;
companies require professional international buying assistance.

7, Target industries:
hardware and machinery
consumer products, etc.