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Measurement and Control for Temperature


Mold temperature, whether cooling down or heating up need ,is definitely very crucial to the molding approach. Even molding temperature has an effect on:

  • Cycle time.
  • Component quality and visibility.
  • Visual quality.
  • Contract, stress, sink marks, weld marks, simply to mention a few.

Consequently, the mold maker ought to be able to evaluate, manage, and handle temperature each at the press, and also mold.

The digital pyrometer demonstrated can be employed to evaluate exterior temperatures of barrels, nozzles, and mold, whereby internal readings seem to be not possible. It might be very helpful on commence and problem solving to decide the cooling/heating efficiency of regions or individual parts.



Many different detectors make it realistic to utilize the Surface Temperature Regulator on all mold. The spring detector (1 on the image) can be employed to detect surface temperature during the mold core or cavity. Internal/ External moist detectors (2) can be employed for die cast purposes. Magnetic detectors (three) can be employed when spring detectors can’t be employed, and can recompense for the excessive distance.